Training for WSI

Training for Wsi hasn’t been what I was hoping for. Yesterday it dumped snow and was low visibility all day which, as you can imagine, is horrible for trying to get your tricks dialled for a competition. I did straight airs all day, which I guess is good because I figured out the speed for the jumps.

There is one part of the course which I have no idea what to do, I haven’t rode a feature like this all season, and it scares the shit out of me. Its a quarter pipe. I don’t understand the thought process of someone building a slope event putting a quarter pipe in it. I mean, we ski slope because we don’t like transition (At least I do anyway). If they throw curve balls at us like this, why don’t they throw curve balls at the pipe skiers by having a rail option at the top and bottom of the half pipe?

Anyway, I am about to head back up the hill now for a quick 45min training session before the first heat of the competition starts. I am luckily pre-qualified through to semi’s because of my AFP ranking.

Kolby, Bobby, Gus and Pk had a tough time on the course as well with the conditions

Tough conditions for slope style right?


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