WSI Big Air

By now you guys have all probably seen the press release’s about last night. But for those of you who haven’t yet, I finally go on the podium :)

It was a tough night though. I was debating if I should go in it all night. There were several reasons I didn’t think I should do it. I hit my head in training and because the landing was so flat, it was hurting my knee. At the last minute I decided to go into it and I think my decision was purely based on the fact that the crowd watching had a lot of Australians in it, and I wanted to give them a show.

I seriously thought I was going to get 4th last night because I qualified 4th into finals and my bib number was 4. It just seemed like it was meant to be. But I somehow managed to pull it together and get on the podium.

It’s been a long season with a lot of up’s and downs. Its crazy to think how upset I was about everything the day before and how much of a turn around I had yesterday. Skiing is a crazy sport and I guess I have to learn to juggle my emotions a little better haha.

The weather during the event sucked. It was pissing down rain all night!

Discussing with my Aussie mate, Charles, if I should do the event or not!

Stoked I could finish the season with a podium. Congrats to Vinnie and Gus for being up there with me. You guys killed it as did everyone else in the event!

The plan now is to film for two weeks with MSP and then I think I am going to Mexico for a week with Laura and her family before I have to fly back to the Australian winter.

Stay tuned


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