I guess I’m wrong

Turns out I was the butt of the joke here in AK. After calling Gus out all day about how he wasn’t leaving and how if he did leave it would be a stupid decision and after I helped him put his bags in the taxi and watch him drive off, I figured he must have been serious and that he had left.

Then today, the gang decided to head to the Alaska wildlife conservation. It is about a 25min drive and when we arrived I jumped out the car. When I got back in, Gus jumped up and scared the crap out of me. I must admit, I feel kind of stupid and I hate having jokes like this played on me but it is funny. I’m stoked i have someone to hit the jump with

Anyway, the wildlife reserve was epic. I got to be within a couple of feet of grizzly’s, see bison and I even saw a lynx. Pretty cool to see these animals so close.

Baby Moose

Baby bear


On the way back to the hotel we stop off at what seemed to be the local hot spot for fishing. Well, when I say fishing, it was more like they were just scooping fish out of the ocean. It was pretty cool to see.

Still raining here in AK and I am really hoping it leaves soon.


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