New tricks kind of

I’m not sure if you guy’s are aware of this or not. But I shattered my knee cap into 30+ pieces when I was about 15 years old. I was trying to do switch tails over 270 on a down rail and I ended up crashing and breaking my knee on the end of the rail.

This trick has haunted me for the last 6 years and I have only tried it onto small little boxes or rails. Yesterday however, I overcame my fear, went for it and it worked. Did I mention it was a legit down rail and not a sissy little box?

Feels good to overcome your fears and push your limits. The other nice thing was that it was +5C which ment soft snow and good times with all my mates. I love Australian Winters.

This obviously wasn’t the switch 270. Just messing around with a tail press

My mate Zac, 360 Nose mute

180 tail

Looks like there is ment to be a storm rolling into the mountains over the next few days. The weather bureau are calling for anywhere between 20cm and 50cm this week. Maybe I’ll finally get a pow day?


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