I honestly don’t get to many pow days in my northern hemi season as I am traveling from competition to competition and I am spending my time between competitions trying to learn and improve. So when I do get a pow day, I have the highest stoke level in the world!

Yesterday was an ”Aussie” pow day. I say Aussie because although we had 15cm of fresh snow, it is still a lot heavier that the snow in the US or Europe and you really have to work for your turns. Non the less I still had a blast shredding through the trees and airing off of every rock I could find. Fortunately Andy Loyd, Perishers photographer, was there to capture a  shot of me launching of one of the rocks.

Looks like the weather is clearing over the next few days and the park has had a rebuild and is bigger and better now. I will probably spend the next few days out in the park.



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