NZ Freeski open

The NZ open is done and dusted yet again and it couldn’t have gone any better for me. Training in the morning actually went really bad for so my hopes for the event weren’t set high. Because of the high winds I mis-judged my speed into the bottom kicker and managed to over shoot which has done something to my knee. Even though my knee was hurting and I hadn’t landed anything in practice I decided to still enter the comp.

First run in qualifying didn’t go to well either. I managed to make it the whole way though the course only to crash on the last feature. I managed to put my second run to my feet and it was enough to qualify into the finals.

Something during my runs in finals just clicked. I felt good, I felt confident with my skiing and I was ready to compete. Because of the tough conditions I decided to just try and land a solid run and to do it as smooth as I could instead of risking it. I guess the tactic worked as I ended up on top of the podium. Feels good to be back on top of the podium. Its been a long time and tough coming back from my injury, but I feel better than ever and I am more stoked on skiing than I have ever been (which I didn’t think was possible). Congrats to Jesper Tjader for grabbing 2nd and Jules Bonnaire from taking 3rd place.

Today is my last day in New Zealand and I feel like I have accomplished all my goals on this trip. Looking forward to getting back home and skiing with friends. Then in about a week its time for the One Hit Wonder big air event.


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