August 2012

New Zealand

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So as some of you might have already guessed, the internet in New Zealand is an issue. Anyway, I’m stoked to be back hear in NZ, Its been two years. The trip over was pretty mellow. Managed to get on a flight with one of my mates from Jindy. Over the next 10 days Redbull… Read more »


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Today was nothing short of epic. Started out the day with a sunrise shoot on the bottom kicker with Charlie Timmins. The jump is so much fun. Its about 60ft which isn’t too big to scare but is still big enough to do tricks. The session went pretty well and we got a bunch of… Read more »

Snowfall of the year

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So I woke up today to find Perisher had got 40cm of new snow over night. Not to mention the wind that had been howling the last few days, which meant the snow today would be the biggest dump we had had of the season. I rushed up there as fast as I could just… Read more »