semi’s and finals this year was hands down the best I have ever attended. Semi’s didn’t exactly go my way but I still managed to have a lot of fun riding. The semi’s was a 45min jam session, which meant we would get about 4 or 5 jumps in which we had to land a tech and a style.

I crashed my first run, which I definitely wasn’t stoked on but managed to land a double cork 10 lead tail on my second run. I’d landed my tech. I then proceeded to figure out what I was going to do for a style trick. I did a switch 3 tail, which I was stoked on, but it didn’t quite get a high enough score. I then tried a switch rodeo 7 double japan, but I crashed into the fence. Last and final run I gave the switch 7 another go but I didn’t go as big as planned, and although I landed it, this is a big air, not a small air, so I wasn’t going to make it to the super finals.

Dub 10 lead tail

Making it through to finals was Henrik Harlaut, Kai Mahler, Phil Casabon and Tom Wallisch. I was beyond stoked to see the madness that was going to go down. In the end Tom finished in 4th with a switch dub 10 blunt, Phil in 3rd with a switch dub 10 truck driver, Kai in 2nd with a huge switch dub misty 12 mute tweak and Henrik took out first with a nose butter dub 12 safety grab.

One of the biggest crowds we ski to all season

FMX riders were jumping over the finish area.

Believe it or not, this is Tom mid way through a switch dub 10 tail. Looks like a straight air right?

Not quite sure why I through horns in this photo haha. Phil switch dub 10 truck

Kai on his way to 2nd place!

Henrik mid nose butter dub 12. This trick was NUTS. Stoked I could check it out in person!

Right now I am in Innsbruck at the Legs of Steel house. It’s raining really hard right now so hopefully the weather clears and we can ski Hintertux the next few days. Got 4 days until I head down to Annecy for IF3.


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