Byron Bay part 3

As most of you know who check and read this blog regularly, I am a skier and when I get some down time I go skateboarding. I spend very little time at the beach which means I spend very little time in the ocean which means I spend very little time surfing.

Yesterday I decided to grab a surf board and give surfing a go. I have surfed once in my life before and the board that I originally surfed on was practically a boat. Yesterday the board I had was a lot smaller (still a big board though).

I managed to stand on my 3rd attempt. The first few times I got up I just went straight. After quite a while out there, I started to do some small turns. The bit I found hard was not standing or balancing, but reading the waves and knowing which would be a good wave to catch.

I have the board for another two days so lets see how much better I can get. One thing is for sure, and that is I want to do more surfing in the future!


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