quiet times

So since I have been back in Jindabyne, not much has really been happening. I have spent my time sorting out my travel’s, playing guitar, playing playstation and exercising.

As I mentioned in other blog post’s, I am really focusing on my cardio this year as its something I have never really put as a priority and therefore I have never been as fit as I should have been. Yesterday however, even though it was tough, I did something I am super stoked on. Last year I did a 30km bike ride and that was the biggest ride that I went on. Yesterday however I did a 60 km bike ride from Jindabyne to Berridale and back. I was absolutely beat at the end of it, but for me it was a goal I set out to reach and I did it. Hopefully before I leave I am able to do a few more long bike riders, maybe even longer than the one i just did? who knows?

My flights and accommodation are all locked in and I will be leaving in 8 days to the USA for some skiing. Looking forward to getting back on snow and seeing if the work I have put into my fitness is going to pay off for my skiing!

Off to do some trampling,


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