Decided I would take a little break from blogging and social media in general over the Christmas break. Unfortunately the weather over Christmas wasn’t what I was hoping for but non the less it was good to be around family and friends over the Christmas break.

I got a bunch of amazing presents but the one that surprised me the most was my present from Redbull. I had no idea that they were getting me a present let alone an awesome one like this. I got a Gretsch roots guitar and it sounds EPIC!

Even though everyone says you are supposed to relax over Christmas, I was fair from relaxed. I have been trying to sort out my flights accommodation and travel plans in general. I have had a few set backs as my visa for the USA is taking longer than expected to get so rather than flying out this weekend to go back to Colorado, I will be flying out the following weekend. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because I get some more summer, bad because I need to be skiing before the major events!

Hopefully I will have my passport and visa sorted in time and I can get back to winter (even if summer is amazing)

Hope everyone enjoyed Christmas


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