Dew tour training

So the first day of Dew Tour training is complete. I have only ever had 3 days in my life where it has been too cold to ski, and yesterday was one of them. It was a high of -14 and a low of -21 with a wind chill of -31, and it was pretty windy.I was literally doing 3 laps, then I would have to go inside because I was so cold.

Despite how cold it was and how little training I did because I was freezing, the course is pretty cool. Its actually like a video game, everything is massive and intimidating. It starts out with a 3 rail option, with a flat down/ a waterfall down/ or a rainbow, then it goes into a wallride/down flat down/ or high rail/ followed by two jumps and then another rainbow/ up rail to tank/ up c box/ with two jumps finishing off the course.

Day 2 of training starts now. Hopefully it isn’t as cold!



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