Idaho day 1

Despite how miserable the weather is, everyone decided to go and try and ski. It was raining really hard at the bottom of the mountain and it was practically a blizzard at the top of the mountain. Even before I had made it to the chair I was soaking went from the heavy rain. We made it to the top, couldn’t see a meter in front of us and decided we would head straight back to the hotel.

I’m really hoping the weather clears. It sounds bad to say, as practically every skier in the world prays for the snow to come, but I am the opposite right now. I flew here to hit a jump so I want blue skies! The weather forecast isn’t looking like we are going to get an epic day in the next week, with snow and rain on the cards until Saturday, the day I leave!

Halfway up the mountain

Amy and Pk loving the weather

I was stoked to be on the home trail haha

Fingers crossed we get some nicer weather


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