Idaho day 2

Today was actually really really fun. Although at first it was very very frustrating. I have new ski’s and ski boots so everything I was doing felt weird. We spent the morning on the rails and I spent the first half getting my tricks back, which surprisingly came back rather fast.

I also went over and hit the jump a couple of times. Getting back in the air is epic. I was a little rusty on jumps as well though, catching edges and missing grabs, but I’m sure as the week progresses things will get better.

The cool thing about this camp is we, as athletes, have a lot of say into features we want to ride/think are important to ride. So every night or every 2nd night, the rail line is being switched up and minor tweaks are being made to the jump if we need them! Pretty crazy to think that Redbull is supporting there athletes this much and I am super stoked I am apart of it all.

Stoked on my helmet

Paddy was liking the jump

Not much snow here in Idaho

Better get to bed. Its 1230am and I have an early wake up call to go and shred some rails (maybe they have set some new ones???)

Good night,


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