Breck / Keystone

So over the last few days I have just been cruising. I had another day at Breckenridge but since it was too windy to hit freeway the Aussie team and myself just rode park lane and the rails for the day. Which I think was good because I haven’t ridden to many rails in the lead up to Xgames.

After the day at Breck I decided to have a day off as I had quite a bit to do. Having a day off was tough though as it was bluebird and I felt like I was wasting my day. I did however get the majority of my Russian visa sorted. All that is left now is to go to the embassy and collect it, which Ramone, the Australian team captain, is doing tomorrow.

Today we went to Keystone which I think was the best decision we could have made with the crowds Breckenridge has been getting. Last time I was at Keystone the jumps were average and I didn’t achieve too much while I was there. Today however was a different story. I guess they had done a re-build of the jumps and they were super fun. I spent the day working on switch hits. I know I don’t have the best pop on jumps but it is something that I am working on. I feel like my forwards hits are getting much better but my switch hits are still lacking. I started to figure it out towards the end of our session at keystone today. Hopefully I can remember how to pop switch for Xgames ;)

Looks like a video game right?

Charlie Timmins was skiing really well today considering he is coming back from injury

Now I am on my way down to Denver to pick up a rental car for Xgames. I was meant to pick up my car yesterday in Frisco, but I got there a little late and the rental shop was closed. So unfortunately for me, I am going down to Denver and back up tonight and then up to Aspen tomorrow.

Looking forward to Aspen. Keep Checking back for regular updates during the Xgames week.


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