Xgames Day 1

Its that time of year again. This is my 5th Xgames and I am still as excited and stoked as everyone before this. Driving into Aspen and seeing how big the course is, how big the big air jump is and how big the 22ft super pipe is, is a feeling that will never get old.

Today was the first training day for slopestyle. The course this year is bigger and better than ever before. I huge rail garden up top followed by 4 jumps. I’ve never seen a course so sick in my life. The jumps are super close together, like always, but I really like it. It has a kind of BMX feel to it and every jump matches up perfectly and is super smooth. Can you tell I’m stoked?

Anyway, training went pretty well for me, I got a couple of tricks down that I was unsure I would be able to do. So to get them out of the way is really good feeling. I still need to figure out what I am going to do in the rail section but to be honest, the possibilities are endless. Hopefully I can figure that out in tomorrows training session.

Gus about to drop into the rail garden

Andreas Hatveit on the last jump

Back at it tomorrow, stay tuned for more,



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