Xgames day 2

Had another training session on the course today. I wasn’t feeling it 100% today. I woke up in a good mood with a lot of energy and I was ready to go and train, but when I started skiing I just felt sluggish and slow. Not what you want on a course as tight and gnarly as this. I did manage to sort out my rails roughly and I also did two tricks on the jumps I hadn’t done yet as well.

Due to me being so sluggish I took a pretty good slam on jump 3. I was coming in to do a switch double and I under estimated how much time I had on the air. I was mid way through my first flip when I realized I was probably not going to land. I opted to open up and try and slow my rotation down. This resulted in me doing a 1 and quarter to my back. Luckily I’m fine. I got out of it pretty well considering the circumstances. It could have definitely gone a lot worse.

I decided to finish up my training rather fast because I figure it’s better to save my energy for the competition than waste it in training. Hopefully my decision pays off haha. I went straight from the slope training to the redbull hub to have the physio look after my body. Even though I was fine from the slam I still wanted to double check and make sure I would be prepared for qualifiers.

Pk Hunder warming up on the jump line

Henrick Harlaut on the 3rd jump. The jump I ate shit on

Right now I am heading over to big air practice. I am not going to jump as I am pretty tired but I am keen to watch and see how the jump rides. Then I have a redbull media night. I guess I am going to grab some food and answer a bunch of questions.

Over and out from Xgames


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