Xgames day 3

Even though there was a scheduled practice for slopestyle today and big air tonight, I decided it would be more beneficial for me to skip both and rest. I know a lot of people would see me as being lazy for not training but I know from experience I ski better and feel better when I have had a break. It’s a weird concept and super hard to commit to, but I think it pays off. Instead of training I just relaxed in the Redbull athlete lounge and watched ski pipe eliminations and snowboard slope eliminations.

After watching all the madness I went to a Redbull poster signing. Super humbling to see how stoked everyone was to get my signature. I know I have been doing this a while, but it still blows my mind that people want me to sign posters, beanies and jackets. Ill be back out there on Saturday for another poster signing so make sure to come by and say hi if your around.

Right before the hoards of people rolled in

Signing all sorts of things

Pretty stoked on the poster Redbull gave me

Tomorrow is my first competition, slopestyle qualifiers. I’m feeling pretty confident coming into the event. I have been training really hard over the last few weeks in Breckenridge and I’m hoping it all pays off for the competition tomorrow. Fingers crossed it does and I can make it through to finals.

Off to bed now. Need a good nights sleep before the comp,


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