Laax day 1

So I have made it to Laax after a gruelingly long travel around the world. The flights weren’t too bad….once we made it on them. Laura and I literally sprinted to our flight in Sydney and we were the last ones who boarded. This happened because of our first flight from Canberra being delayed. Once we made it on the plane we looked at each other and said ”there is no way our bags are going to make it”. When we got to Singapore we went to the check in counter to see if our bags had in fact made it onto our flight. Turns out they didn’t but they did say they had been re routed and would end up in Zurich but were unsure when.

We had pretty much lost all hope of having bags when we arrived and started to think they might even take a day or two to arrive to our hotel in Laax. Somehow, no idea how, when we arrived in Zurich, our bags were there waiting for us. So stoked to be able to get changed and freshen up when we got to our hotel!

Today was my first day skiing again since my crash at X games. I have never been this excited / nervous / anxious about getting on snow in my life. I had no idea what to expect. My knee could have felt awesome, it could have felt average or maybe it was going to feel amazing. Who knew? certainly not me and that’s why I was feeling the way I was.

Once we got to the top of the mountain I clipped into my ski’s nervously and dropped into a super long groomer and started to make my way down the mountain. I couldn’t keep the smile of my face the whole way down. My knee was working like it was supposed to and in fact, it felt normal. I couldn’t believe it. I then decided to give my knee a go on some rails and really small jumps. To my amazement it felt as if I hadn’t even had a break or even done anything to my knee in the first place.

I spent the whole day lapping the park and hitting rails. I decided I wanted to try some tricks on the jumps. Nothing huge, just keep it super mellow. I haven’t ridden small jumps in a while and doubt I could do a good trick on there so I began lapping the big line. I did some straight airs and everything felt normal. I then proceeded to do some cork 360s, 720′s and 900′s. I decided to stop jumping after I knuckled the jump and realized, because of how warm it was, the snow was getting really slow.

My first rail of the day!

So happy!

This is a lot of fun

Cork 360′s are super fun

I am so stoked on how my body feels. I guess all the hard work I did in the gym over the last 4 weeks has definitely paid off. I seriously can not wipe the smile off my face and I can’t wait to get back out there and ski again tomorrow!

Time for a workout and stretch session!


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