Laax day 2

Had my second day skiing and what a day it was. I met up with Paddy Graham and went straight to the park. We did a few rail laps and I decided my knee was feeling good and that I wanted to hit the jumps before the snow was to slow. So that’s exactly what we did.

It was an unreal session that I am sure I will remember for ever. Not because I did new tricks but because I did tricks I never thought I would do this soon after my injury at Xgames. I managed to land some double cork 1080′s and right side double cork 1260′s.

Everything felt awesome, I landed both tricks no problem and my knee felt fine. The only thing I have noticed with my knee is it feels rather tired at the end of a long day skiing. Which is completely normal because of the impact and stress I am putting it through. I just have to make sure I do my rehab and exercise when I am done skiing so I can get back out there the following day.

Paddy on the last jump

I have been stressing quite a lot lately about whether or not I would be able to compete at World Champs in Norway and European Xgames. I kept thinking to myself ”what if my knee doesn’t work how I want it to?”. I guess I was just freaking out about it. Yesterday however cleared all doubts I had in my head about my knee. I’m back and I am ready to go for both events. I’ve never felt this stoked/proud of myself.

Heading back up the mountain today to ski with Paddy again. Maybe a little jump session and definitely a rail session!

Stay tuned


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