Training = progress

So as you guys might have been able to tell, if you are following my facebook page and twitter page, I have been training my ass off the last few days. Its all starting to pay off. I am feeling really strong, I have dropped a couple of kilo’s and I am feeling more and more ready to start skiing again!

I have been doing a lot of out door exercises to rehab my knee. Hill sprints, sled tows, lunges and a lot of plyometrics and balance work. I feel like its all paying off and my knee is feeling really really stable. Its funny, everyone is telling me that there is something wrong with my knee and all the doctors have given me movements and exercises I should steer clear of, but all the exercises the personal trainers have given me I have done with ease and so we have been pushing it into some exercises Dr’s warned me would be difficult and ones I shouldn’t do, and so far I can do all of them with no problems. My knee feels normal, which is weird but good I think!

Sled tows up a hill

Lateral Lunges

Stoked on the progress ;)

I was a little worried to test my knee out on trampolines, but I was given the go ahead to try it out. First session I had I was a little hesitant but still did a lot of tricks I was happy with. Then yesterday I decided to have a proper go at tricks. I know it doesn’t sound like much, because every time I go to a trampoline session, 80% of the kids can do these tricks, but I landed dub 10′s and dub misty 9′s. The reason I was stoked on these is because there is a lot of rotation involved and on the landing you put quite a bit of strain on your knees. I did them both with no problems with my knee.

Because I have progressed so well in the gym and with what I am already doing on trampoline, I have been cleared to ski as soon as I want. So I have booked flights to Europe for Saturday. My plan is to ski for about a week before my first competition > World Champs, Voss, Norway.

I can’t begin to tell you guys how stoked I am on the progress I have made with my rehab and how good it feels to be cleared to ski again. By no means has the journey stopped though, I have to maintain the work I have done while I travel and then hit it hard again when I get home. Which I am all for doing! Bring it on!

Off to another training session and then I better pack my bags ;)


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