European Xgames Qualifiers

Today was the qualifiers for the European Xgames. It was super tough conditions and I was having a lot of trouble in training putting anything to my feet. It was super flat light and it was tough trying to spot landings or tricks. Not the ideal training session.

I was a little nervous coming into the comp runs as I had overshot the 2nd jump and my knee was hurting a little. I was having trouble bending and putting weight on it. It was super bad but enough to freak me out a little. I rested and made sure to keep it moving to prevent it from locking up. I guess what I did worked as I managed to get my first run to my feet which was enough to qualify 2nd into the finals which are tomorrow.

Final results for the qualifiers

Here is the run I managed to land

I later found out that what was causing my knee pain was the swelling had increased from the impact on the overshoot. I went to the physio and he has sorted it out for me, so I am good to go tomorrow.

Fingers crossed the weather is better tomorrow and I can do the run I have in mind.


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