March 2013

On to the next one

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Well today was qualifiers for the FIS world champs, and I am not quite sure what to take out of today. I feel like I skied really well and landed a run that I think should have made it to finals. My run was: lip 270 on the down rail, 630 onto the gap to… Read more »

Norway day 1

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Showing up to the course today I was super super nervous. I have never seen a slope course this big in my life. Usually we show and and tell the event organizers we need something built bigger, but today it was the complete opposite. Top of the mountain in Voss The course seems like each… Read more »

Laax day 3,4 and 5

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The last few days on the mountain have been absolutely epic. Everyday I have ridden here in Switzerland it has been bluebird with no wind and soft snow. I literally couldn’t ask for better conditions to ride in before heading to Norway for the World champs. My days have been some what structured. I ride… Read more »