Tough Decisions

After Verbier I made my way back to Laax where I have been hanging out the last few days. I originally decided to come back here to ski the park and work on tricks before my last two events: JOI and WSI.

But as the blog title describes, I have had to make a tough decision. I am sure everyone who follows my blog knows I am having trouble with my knee. It has all felt good up until right after Euro Xgames. I think the combination of over shooting in training and then 3 days of heavy skiing in a row resulted in my knee swelling and becoming quite sensitive, something I haven’t had to deal with since being back on snow.

What I have decided is that it is more beneficial for me to rest and take care of my knee at this stage than it is to fly to Sweden for JOI. The reason this is such a tough decision is that I have been going to JOI religiously over the years. I love the event and its probably the event I have the most fun at all season. It’s an event that is not only fun, but pushes the level of skiing further each year and to have to watch this year is going to be tough. I do however, think I am making the right choice. I know JOI is fun but I know I need to look after my body and looking after my body is a much bigger priority at this stage.

A shot from last year

I have had 3 days off snow as of right now and each day my knee is feeling a million times better. It is starting to feel back to normal but I know if I go to JOI I run the risk of flaring it up again and I wouldn’t have time to recover before WSI. Risk management is key at the moment.

So since my plans have changed, so have my travel arrangements. On Saturday I am flying to Canada to stay in Whistler. I made this decision because I can stay with Laura’s family and they have access to a great gym. Something I think will come in handy to help keep my leg strong ;)

Hopefully I am all good next season and i can be back at it in Sweden.


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