As I mentioned in my last post, I am in Verbier. Yesterday was the Freewride world tour event it is is probably the craziest thing I have ever seen. The mountain it self doesn’t even look like you are able to ski down it. But to my surprise, everyone was charging down the face dropping huge cliffs and risking it all.

From where I was standing, it seems like a super fine line between winning the event, and crashing hard and injuring yourself. I saw countless tomahawks and ski’s getting lost. I also saw a lot of crazy lines and lines I never would have thought you would be able to ski.

Definitely glad I made the trip to Verbier to watch this event. It was more extreme than I had expected and I have a lot of respect for the guys risking it in the competitions!

Watching the event through Binoculars is epic

The top of this peak is the start gate, Its crazy

Today I am jumping back in the car and making my way back to Laax. I have a week to chill before everything kicks back into gear again.


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