Xgames Finals

Today was a tough one. My knee was still bugging me from yesterday which was a bummer but I decided to push through and and do the finals. Who wouldn’t?

My training went pretty well and I was feeling good coming into the comp runs but I somehow managed to mess up my first two runs which was really frustrating. I managed to clip my ski in my crash on the 2nd jump in my 2nd run which definitely didn’t make my knee feel any better. It all came down to my last run and I somehow managed to put it to my feet. It was quite possibly the best feeling in the world to land my run.

Here is my run. Pretty happy with it

So my final position was 4th. Which is a frustrating position to be in but I am still super stoked on finishing in 4th after what I have been through over the last few months. Congrats to Gus for 3rd, Jossi for 2nd and Mcrae for taking the gold.

I am now in Verbier to watch the free ride world tour. Looking forward to checking this event. I have never seen a free ride event live before so I am stoked to watch.

Bed time now, I’m super tired after todays efforts.


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