Aspen day 1

So as I mentioned in previous blog post’s, I have flown down to Aspen to attend the Redbull performance camp that is going on here. I arrived two days ago and yesterday was meant to be our first day on snow. But plan’s changed when we woke up and discovered it was full on winter out side and dumping snow. Not quite what I was expecting for a spring camp.

So to fill the time we went bowling and it turns out I am horrible. I definitely need to work on my bowling skills so I can keep up with PK. He is ridiculously good at, well, everything. It a little frustrating.

Today the weather was slightly better and we actually got to ski. Although it wasn’t sunny and slushy, it was still super fun. We spent the morning on the small kicker doing fun tricks and playing games of ski.

Looking up from the lodge at our playground

The small jump is so much fun. Its big enough for dubs, but small enough not to be scary

Then in the afternoon I migrated over to the big line and tried some tricks. Which didn’t go so well for me. I managed to tomahawk down the landing eating a lot of shit. I’m fine but it was a little scary at the time.

Simon sending a cork 360

Looking at the forecast its going to be sunny tomorrow. I really hope it is because it is so much fun here and I am really looking forward to learning some tricks. Fingers crossed.


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