Aspen day 2

Today was hands down the most fun day of the season. It was perfect. Bobby and I started the day out hitting the big jumps and warming into some tricks. The landing was a little firm in the morning but it was still super fun. I guess Bobby and I would have been a little smarter to wait until the afternoon to try some tricks but we were both feeding of each other and things just started to happen.

Bobby landed a super sick switch triple rodeo. I was working on triple cork 14. The first one I did I brought to my feet and slide out, the second one I did I landed and the 3rd attempt on the trick I set it a little to slow and slide out on the landing. Even though I only landed the one, I am still super stoked to have done it on a smaller size jump. Until now I have only done them on big JOI style jumps. The toughest bit about doing them on a small jump is the timing on the take off is completely different. I guess it something I just have to do more of to get a feel for it.

After the crazy session and some lunch, we went over and hit the smaller jump and transfer jump. If this jump was a little bigger, i think it would be the perfect jump. Once again the session started getting heated with PK learning switch right dubs and a forward right 12. Tiril landed underflip 540′s and the snowboarders, Scotty James and Nick Baden, were over on the big line stomping backside triple cork 1440′s.

Simon doing an in air follow of PK

Tiril mid way through an underflip 540 tail

Bobby transferring from the airbag jump to the landing with a rodeo 9 tail

Bobby Brown got this in air follow of a cork 360 of yours truly

It’s crazy the amount of progression for both skiing and snowboarding that comes out of these redbull camps. The set up and the program Redbull have in place is on point. Thank you Redbull for helping us push our selves to new levels.

Hopefully tomorrow is just as good, although it may not be sunny.


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