Aspen day 3

Today was the final day on the Redbull performance camp. Waking up this morning I didn’t really have much faith in it being an epic day due to the fact it was overcast and snowing again. But it turned out to be a super fun day. I guess because it was bad weather, I didn’t really feel like I needed to try anything overly difficult. So I spent the day skiing the little jump doing fun tricks and I even ventured into the half pipe for a few laps.

Flair in the pipe

Flat 5 Transfer

Even though it was super flat light and on and off snow, I still had a blast skiing. The jump and the pipe was super soft so it was the perfect was to end the Redbull camp here in Aspen.

Got to thank Redbull for putting on these performance camps throughout the year. I have attended 3 now and I feel like I have learnt so much and taken a lot out of the camps. Thanks Redbull for all the support.

Tomorrow I am hitching a ride with Bobby down to Denver to catch a flight to Las Vegas. I have a week to rest before another shoot, so Myself, Laura and PK are going to sit by a pool in Vegas. Should be a good time.


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