Vegas is over. It was a super epic trip, mainly because it was the first chance I have had to stop and relax for the whole season. It was epic to just sit by the pool in the sun all day. Couldn’t ask for a better holiday.

Today Laura, PK and I all traveled from Vegas to Reno where we met up with Gus Kenworthy and made our way up to Kirkwood. Once in Kirkwood we met up with the red bull/msp crew, Bobby Brown and his brother Peter. We have a park shoot here this week and I think it is going to be wild. Going to check out the feature tomorrow and I am excited to see what we have had built.

Stoked to wrap up the season with a spring park shoot. It quite possibly the best way to end a season. A session on a fun feature with all your mates.


p.s.. here is the latest Volkl webisode. Check it out:

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