Las Vegas

So after the Redbull camp, Laura, PK and I were looking for something to do before our last trip of the season. We wanted to go somewhere warm and somewhere fun. We had a few places to decided from but in the end we decided on Vegas. So far this city has been everything I expected – warm, fun, lots of pool side chilling and of course, it drains you of your money.

Once we had arrived, we realised Jossi had nothing to do either, so he jumped straight on a plane and has been chilling with us since we got here. What I am doing now is exactly how I wanted to finish a long season. I am sitting in the warm sun, by a pool, relaxing. PERFECT.

PK was stoked on his fortune cookie

The Strip

Da boys

Laura is loving the warm weather

I feel like I am the whitest guy here. Back to back winter will do that though

PK’s shorts are the best

We have another 3 days here before Laura, PK and I move on to our last trip. Then its home time



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