Another fun day on the hill

Yesterday, Zac, Boen, Doodle and I all went back up to perisher to ride the new rails they had put in. The new line was a flat tube, down tub, flat corrugated pipe and then a gap to down tub.

It was a super fun morning, feels good to be able to lap the chair and ski a little faster than just hiking rails. We did however only get to ski for the morning, as while we were skiing we could see the clouds slowly creeping over the resort. When the clouds had arrived, and it was overcast, that was our cue to leave.

Zac on the flat tube

Doodle on the down tube

Zac on the down tube

Yours truly on the gap to down rail

The good news is I have woken up today to find we have received 18cm of fresh snow over night. The forecast is also saying snow for the next 3 days. Fingers crossed it continues to dump because we need it (also because if we get more snow, we get better features in the park).

Going to have a nice lazy day today!


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