busy busy busy

So since my last post I have been flat out. On Tuesday I had an ABC (tv station in Australia) piece to do. It ended up working but on the drive up to the hill I was seriously doubting getting anything done as it was raining hard up there. Even though it was raining hard, we still managed to get a few shots and knock of an interview.

On Wednesday I had to travel to Sydney and back in a day to do media with Channel 10, another tv station here in Aus. Channel 10 will be covering the Olympics so we spent the day doing portraits, head shots and interviews. It was a super cool experience, something I hadn’t ever been a part of before and I am looking forward to seeing how the shots came out.

Then on Thursday I had an Interview with channel 7 up at perisher. Which went well and was actually pretty fun to do. It was a little kid’s tv program and I was basically explaining what I do and how to get into what I do!

Here is a little snow report video from this week and the skiing I have been able to do:

Heading back up to Perisher now as some new rails have gone in.


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