Busy Busy Busy

So this last week I have once again been flat out. I have been trying to ski as much as possible but I have also been busy with media. On Saturday night was the Perisher night event. I went up, not to compete, but rather to help out the juniors with figuring out runs, helping with tricks and also handing out the prizes.

I was super surprised on the quality of skiing everyone in the competition showed. In juniors there was a few riders throwing double flat spins which was awesome to see along with some super smooth spins. In opens, Boen Ferguson won with a nice run. Check out this video recapping the event:

Then on Sunday I had a meet and greet poster signing with Torah Bright and Nate Johnstone. We met all the junior athletes in the winter sport’s club up at Perisher. I love doing stuff like this. The kids seemed to be signature happy and got us to sign practically everything. After the poster signing we took a few runs through the park with the kids which was super fun and I think the kids loved it.

Then today I another opportunity to spend some time passing on my tips for skiing to some grommets. Recently at the local school there was an auction to raise some money for the school. One of the things you could bid for was a day skiing with myself at perisher. 5 kids got the opportunity to spend half the day skiing the park up at perisher with myself. Some of these kids had never even hit rails before and by the end of the session the were hitting 9m flat rails. Pretty impressive to see how much they listened and progressed in such a short time.

I have also had another story, which I filmed with Channel 10 a week or so ago, run on the news last night. Check it out:

All in all its been an epic week and I am looking forward to another productive week to come. I’m loving skiing and loving life!

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