I’m back (super blog)

Sorry for disappearance. I have a legitimate excuse. I have recently moved into my new place and I have been sorting out moving all my belongings, furniture and then setting the house up. The last thing on my list was internet which I finally sorted today. So I will have the blog back up and running now with regular updates on how my southern hemisphere winter is going.

Since I last posted a blog a lot has happened. I have obviously been super busy sorting out my house but on top of that I have had a lot of other things going on. Ill Start with the Redbull Athlete Summit.

Redbull Recently held an athlete summit with all of there Australian athletes in Sydney. The Redbull crew didn’t give to much away about what the activity day would be but knowing what red bull has done in the past, I knew it would be a lot of fun.

The first day was the activity day and the following day was an information day. The activity day was super super fun. We arrived at the headquarters with absolutely no Idea what was in store. Turns out Redbull had organised an amazing race around Sydney. The athletes were split into 3 teams and we were each given a driver with one clue which lead us to the first check point. We were timed on how long we took to get to the check points. Once there the timer was stopped for us to do the challenge and if we achieved certain goals we got a time deduction. The fastest team won.

The first check point was clay shooting. I hadn’t shot a shotgun before and was certain I wouldn’t hit a target. Out of 25 targets I shot 11. Not to bad considering I was fairly new to the whole shooting thing. Pretty early on my team, which consisted of Scotty James, Matt Poole, Courtney Atkinson, and Mikey Mendoza, we realised we were likely to be the loosing team. So we decided to play a little dirty. While the other teams were focused on shooting, Scotty and Matt removed a wheel from the opposing team and hid it in the bush. Once the other team realised it was all in. Everyone was playing dirty and trying to sabotage the other team.

Following the shooting we were given our next clue and we had to find our way to the next challenge> Go karting

The whole Athlete Summit crew 

Go karting = fun

Turns out I am horrible at go carting and the other teams smoked us. Super fun none the less. we ate lunch there and then went to our next challenge. Something I was petrified to do> Sky Diving. The Redbull employees though I was a bit of a pussy because I am an ”Extreme” athlete and skydiving should be easy. The reason I am scared of it is because I am not in control compared to skiing where I have control. The anticipation of jumping was crap but once I had jumped it was amazing. I would definitely do it again!

Right after my jump. So stoked and relieved it was over haha

All in all the first day of the athlete summit was super fun. Our team lost but it was still a lot of fun and I had a ball. The winning team won 1000 bucks which was donated to the charity of there choice.

The following day of the athlete summit was relatively boring but I did learn a lot. It was basically a day in the office going through facts about red bull, about where red bull wanted to be in the coming years and also about athlete performance. Following sitting in the office all day we were then taken to State of origin. It was the game 3 decider. For those of you who don’t know what it is, its an NRL game between NSW and QLD and its a best of 3 series and NSW and QLD had both won one. It was super fun game but NSW, my team, lost again. I think the highlight of the game was a streaker, he was fat and gross but managed to run the whole field before the security guards caught him haha.

The team on the way to the game

The view

As soon as I got back from Sydney, I was straight into filming with Channel 10 for a few pieces for the lead up to the game. One was for the 5 o’clock news which ran yesterday and the other is a piece which will run on channel 10 in the build up the Sochi. Here is the video result from the short amount I filming I did with this crew:

Its been a crazy couple of weeks but everything is going well and I am looking forward to getting back on snow. Hopefully the snow storm clears soon which has left us with 50cm of new snow.

Stay tuned


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