I know I have been pretty slack on here and I do apologise for being so slack but I feel like so much has been happening and I just haven’t found the time to sit down and write a blog post.

Since my last post, a lot has happened. I spent about a week or a week and a half skiing with the  imports from Norway which was super fun. We skied almost everyday and had some really epic sessions on the kicker up at perisher. The park in Perisher (I know I keep saying it) is incredibly good this season. The jumps are built so nicely and the rail line is epic.

PK on the up rail at Perisher

After a few good weeks of skiing in Perisher it was time to jump the ditch and fly from Aus to NZ for my first event of the southern hemisphere winter, the winter games. The last two days we have had training The first day we sat around for the majority of the day waiting for the fog to clear and the 2nd day we struck gold and got clear weather.

My training has been dismal to say the least. I hit my shin about 1 week ago and I have a little lump. I thought nothing of it as I hadn’t put my foot in a ski boot since it happened but I soon realised this little bump caused me excruciating pain and I was having trouble skiing. I am literally skiing on 1 leg from the bottom of the slope style course to the chair. I have a little foam insert which I have made which is really helping with the pain and is enabling me to actually ski the course, but not much else.

Somewhere behind me is the slope course. We waited a very long time for this fog to clear on our first day of training. 

PK sliding the rainbow rail during our first day of training

Aleks Aurdal hitting the 2nd jump on our 2nd day of training. 

Today was the qualifiers for the finals which will be held on sunday. I was lucky enough to be in the 3rd heat which didn’t start until 12 so I was fortunate enough to have a nice little sleep in this morning before having to head up the hill for the event.

During training I definitely wasn’t killing it. I did a lot of straight airs and tried my double corks once and overshot on 1 jump and knuckled the next. Definitely not the most productive training session I have had but I somehow managed to pull it together for the competition. I managed to slot myself into 2nd place in my heat. Pretty happy I was able to qualify into Sundays final and I am really hoping I can step my run up and get a good result.

An instagram shot of my cork 3 hand drag on the rainbow rail

Looks like tomorrow is a day off and I am definitely looking forward to sleeping in and relaxing all day.


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