Winter Games NZ – Finals

Just got back from the finals for winter games NZ up at Cardrona. It was an interesting day for me. I really didn’t acheive anything in practice because it was such flat light and I was having trouble seeing definition in the take offs and landings.

Due to not being able to do anything in practice I decided to stick with a similar run I did in the qualifiers, except for a gap lip 270 on the second rail option. It worked out pretty well and I was rewarded with an 87. Which put me in 3rd place.

On my second run I decided to step up my cork 9 on the first jump to a double cork 12. I was really hesitant to try it as it was a relativity small jump. I somehow managed to swing it around and it worked out fine. My run was as follows: 360 nose tap over the wall, gap lip slide 270 on the down tube, cork 3 hand drag on the rainbow rail, dub 12 mute, switch dub 9 japan, right side dub 12 mute. It was good enough for a 91. Which bumped me up into 2nd position.

With only Gus Kenworthy, Nick Goepper and Mcrae Williams to drop, I was very nervous to say the least. Gus wasn’t able to put down his run and Mcrae was given an 85 but I was however bumped down to 3rd by Nick Goepper. He had an amazing run and capped it off with a switch dub 9 screamen seaman. Congrats to Goepper for taking the win and Woodsy for 2nd. It was an amazing comp and I am stoked I could be up on the podium at an event with such a high level of riding.

Next for me is back to Australia for some more skiing. Can’t wait as the park is looking epic.


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