Skate trip

Since the weather up the mountains hasn’t been cooperating lately, Boen and I decided to do a trip to Canberra to skate some of the best parks in Australia. The first park we went to was Belconnen Skate park A.K.A Belco. This park has pretty much everything you could want. It has a mini ramp, small street section, larger street section, snake run and a bowl. I think from what I’ve heard it is the biggest park in Australia.

We got to Belco at about 11am and skated until about 130pm. I honestly couldn’t decide want I wanted to skate. There is just so much there that you can get stuck skating the same thing for a while and forget about the rest of the park. I think to truly experience this park you need to spend a few days skating it.

Looking at the snake run in Belco. Below the shelter is the larger street course which leads into the baby street course

This is the baby street course which you can see leads up to the larger course

Myself skating the mini ramp. Probably one of the most fun mini ramps I have ever ridden

After skating in Belco for such a long time we decided we would drive to another epic skate park: Woden skate park. This park has a much smaller street section but the bowl section is epic and some of the lines you can do in and out of the bowls are so much fun. I can’t decide which park I like riding more. Both are different and both have a lot to offer.Id say the bowls at Woden are more fun that Belco but the street at Belco is more fun than Woden. Really depends on what you feel like riding I guess.

Boen and I pretty much rode here until about 430 or 5pm and then decided our legs were just too tired to try and skate any more, even if both parks were under lights.

Woden Skate park

Boen with a nice Rock and Roll on the extension

5-0 out of the big red bank into the short steep red bank.

Hopefully the weather that has just settled into Jindy clears because I am itching to go for another skate after yesterdays fun.


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