I am pretty sure I am addicted to skiing. No matter how much I plan to have time off I still seem to find myself getting ready to go skiing. Yesterday was another epic day on the hill. On the drive up to the mountain it looked as though it was going to be rubbish and we were super close to turning around. Chris and I decided to at least do a few runs since we had driven up there even if it was super windy and look as if it was going to rain.

Within 2 runs the wind had completely stopped and the sun was in and out all day. It turned out to be a super fun spring day even if there wasn’t much snow left. All that is left is a few rails and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are taken out soon with how little snow there is up there. Grass patches are starting to show everywhere and there is huge ponds at the bottom of the mountain from the snow melt. The T-bar track on the way up to the park winds through grass and rock patches.

Chris and I riding the T-bar

Myself grabbing tail onto the gap to down rail

Sliding the down tube. As you can see in the background there isn’t much snow left

Another shot of me sliding the gap to down tube

Other than skiing I have been hitting the gym pretty hard. I have had a super long aussie season and I think getting into the gym now will help going into the northern hemisphere season as I don’t have as much time off snow as most athletes do. (nor do I think I could survive with a full summer with no skiing). I am doing full body workouts with 2 dedicated leg work outs a week.

Right now the rains have decided to pay a visit to Jindabyne so I am sitting on my couch trying to play some tunes on my guitar and get ready for the gym. Hopefully its not raining very hard on the mountain because I would still like to get back up there and ski a little more before all the snow disappears.

Over and out


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