October 2013


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Despite the flight from Sydney to Queenstown only being 2 or 3 hours long, we had a full day of travel today. We left our accommodation in Sydney at 7am checked in and made it to our gate only to find the flight had been delayed. Boen and I didn’t end up leaving Sydney until… Read more »


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Myself and Boen decided to drive up to Sydney today as we are flying to NZ tomorrow morning. The drive was long and boring but that was to be expected. We spent about 5 hours sitting in the car watching the same scenery I have seen a million times in the past. It was an… Read more »


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So as some of you may know I have played guitar for quite a while. I started when I was about 8 years old and played until I was about 14. At 14 I had to give it a rest as that is when I started traveling. I kind of forgot about it and didn’t… Read more »