Today Laura and I went on a jet boat tour of the famous islands not far from Phuket. We were picked up at 730 from our hotel lobby and driven to the boat dock to join our tour. It took about 1 hour on the boat to get to the islands and it was well worth it.

Our first stop was a little lagoon/beach called Phi Phi Maya Island. I have literally never seen water that blue before. It was crystal clear and the sand was as white as snow. We only spent about 30 minutes there as it was a high traffic area for tourists (like us) and would soon be packed.

After our 30 minutes we went around into a little lagoon and went for a swim off the boat. The water once again was really blue and really clear. Its an amazing place to go for a swim.

After the little and enjoyable swim we went on a little snorkeling mission. We went to two different locations. The first spot we went to was deeper than the 2nd and quite a bit away from shore. They also threw some bread out to attract the fish so we were literally swimming amongst the fish. I even fed some from my hands. It was a pretty crazy experience and something I will never forget.

I have absolutely no idea what we are doing the next few days but I am sure that it will include the ocean some how. I am looking forward to some more time in the sun and some more swimming.


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