LAX minus the ski bags

Touch down in the USA! Finally made it to LAX. Laura and I decided to break the trip up a little this year so we are staying at an airport hotel in LAX for 1 night and tomorrow we are heading to Denver and then up to Frisco.

The flight was pretty mellow. I had pretty much seen every movie on the plane which kind of sucked but I watched a few documentaries and a ski movie so that helped pass the time. I only got about 4 hours sleep so I am going to be exhausted tonight.

Our ski bags didn’t end up making it. For some reason none of the over sized baggage was put on the flight. It is arriving at 630am tomorrow morning but since our flight leaves at 810am to Denver there wont be enough time to pick them up or for Qantas to connect them to our flight. What they are doing though is putting the bags on the next flight to Denver, which arrives at 3pm. I guess Laura and I will be hanging in Denver for 3 or 4 hours tomorrow waiting for our bags. I really hope they make it because I really want to ski on Saturday!


Managed to fly on the A380. You get a little more leg room and a wider seat in economy, which doesn’t sound like much, but over 14h, its a huge difference!


Bobby Brown mid switch dub 9 on my flight! I got some funny reactions from people while I took this photo

Over and out from L.A. Hopefully I can stay awake



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