First day of the season

Today was officially my first day of the northern hemisphere season and it couldn’t have started out any better. It was perfect bluebird and no wind for pretty much the whole day. I got to the mountain pretty early as I had to pick my pass up, which meant I made it to the lifts at 8.30, right in time for them to open.

I timed my trip pretty much perfect as today was the first day the big jumps were open at keystone. The first jump is somewhat average but the 2nd one is pretty good. They aren’t  super big which is nice for me as I am trying to ease my way back into it. I know I have only had about 2 months off snow but for me its enough to make me feel a little sketchy on snow.

It was super nice to see all my friends again and to hit the jumps with them. It definitely feels good to be back in Colorado and its starting to feel like a second home for me.

View from the chair of the 2nd jump, the better one out of the two

Bobby Brown dropping into the jump line

Oscar and I on the chair

Oscar and Aleks. So much fun skiing with these guys

Oscar Scherlin mid cork 7 tail.

Yours truly mid switch 540 japan

Right now I am sitting in my bed in Frisco and I feel like a noodle. I think a combination of Jet lag, being at such a high altitude and skiing all day has left me feeling super tired. The plan is to stretch, have something to eat and make sure I feel good for a ski tomorrow.

Really hoping the weather is good tomorrow!


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