Frisco – Colorado

Today was much longer than what we had originally anticipated. My alarm was set for 6am so that we had enough time to shower, eat breaky and make our way over to check in by 7am in LAX. The plan was to fly to Denver and once we had landed I would ring Qantas to see if our bags were scheduled to be arriving on the next flight after us, which landed at 3pm. Laura and I landed at 11.30am and I rang Qantas at 12 to see what the plan was, that’s when I got the bad news. 1 bag was going to arrive at 3pm and the other at 630pm.

Laura and I literally spent the whole days just waiting for our bags. I don’t think I have ever spent so much time in Denver airport before. Not the most exciting airport to spend time in.

Nice view from the lounge in LAX

Flying into Colorado and seeing snow over the mountains is pretty sweet

It was wierd to be in cold weather again! Stoked we finally made it to Colorado

Once we had our bags, we picked up our rental car and drove to Frisco, where I am currently sitting and writing this blog.

The plan for the next 2 days is to ride Keystone. The big line is apparently opening either tomorrow or Sunday so I think I timed my trip perfectly! Had a quick look at the weather forecast and it looks amazing for tomorrow and average for Sunday, so lets hope the jump line is open tomorrow and I can get in the air again!

Off to bed to try and get over the jet lag I have,


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