Dew tour training day 2

I had an epic day skiing today. For some reason this year I feel no pressure. I basically got to ski the best park in the world and had no pressure to do tricks. Although I did do the tricks I needed for the competition. The difference was I actually felt like doing the tricks and I didn’t feel like I had to do them because the event was coming up. It was a bizarre feeling but I left the hill feeling completely satisfied and stoked on how the day went.

I got a feeling for the course and figured out the speed between the jumps and rails. I actually really like this course. As I said in the previous post, its not as big as last year, but it works really well and is super fun to ride. I still have no idea what I am going to do on the fat up box/wallride thing. Its really different to anythign I have ridden and is a little confusing to try and link tricks on. I’m sure i will figure something out.

I have a day off tomorrow and then on Thursday its go time. Qualifying this year is a little different. Dew Tour has invited 30 people to the event and are taking 16 through to the finals which is more than half the field. So qualifying isn’t as tight as it has been in the previous years.


Tom Wallisch on the first jump in the course

Looking forward to chilling tomorrow and thawing out my body. Its been so cold here that a day inside in the warmth sounds amazing.


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