Dew Tour Finals – 3rd

Dew tour finals went down yesterday and it was a really stressful day for me. During training I was super tired and just really couldn’t find the energy to try tricks in the wind. Usually I get to training, do a few warm up runs then get straight into my tricks and I usually have my run sorted quite early on in the training. Yesterday however I used the full 1h45min training block trying to figure out my run.

Once they had closed training off I was still not 100% sure if I was going to be able to do my run, especially with the gusts of wind we were experiencing. I sat up the top watching everyone else have their runs and some people managed to get lucky with the wind and others seem to get blown around. I was 2nd last to drop and I managed to make it through the top half of my first run fine but the when I as coming into the 3rd kicker I got a huge gust of wind and knew I wasn’t going to make the jump. I decided it was a good idea not to throw the switch dub 9 and ended up crashing on a switch 9.

Crashing on your first run is not the best position to put yourself in and is probably one of the worst feelings in the world. I didn’t know whether I should stick with the same run or change it. I was super confused. I ended up deciding to stick with the same run and hope the wind was going to be ok on my 2nd run.

On my 2nd run the wind was a lot better and I was able to put my full run to my feet. I wasn’t sure what the judges would think of my run but I am stoked they liked it and rewarded me with 3rd place! Check out my run:

Super stoked to start the season out with a podium and I am looking forward to the next event, which just so happens to be this week. I have training today for the world cup in Copper and then qualifying is on Wednesday!

Stay tuned for more from the world cup


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