Today was far more stressful than I wanted it to be. Training just wasn’t going the way I would have liked it to. I didn’t crash my tricks in training but I definitely didn’t land them how I wanted to. Once training had finished, I had done all my tricks, but they just weren’t how I wanted them, so going into my first run I was a little frustrated.

First run was going really well. I landed all my tricks and coming into the last jump I was planning on doing my right dub 12. I guess I miss calculated the speed and ended up under rotating and crashing. Not the best position to put yourself in. Usually you want to land your first run, get a good score and then improve on that in the 2nd run.

I definitely freaked out a little but tried my best to keep my calm for my 2nd run. Its crazy what thoughts go through your head when you have crashed your first run. I was freaking out, but listening to music definitely kept me calm.

My 2nd run worked out great for me. I landed my run, which by the way was the biggest relief in the world, and was rewarded with 2nd place in qualifiers. I can’t even begin to explain how stoked I was to put a run to my feet. I am so stoked to make it to finals especially because of how hard everyone was skiing today.

I have two days before I ski finals so tomorrow I am planning on heading to Keystone and skiing. I hope the jumps are open and I can try some tricks before the big show on Sunday.


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