Dew Tour Training

Today was the first day of Dew Tour training and it was one of the most brutal days of skiing I have ever had to endure. It was so freaking cold. I think it was a high of -20 with a wind chill of -33. Definitely no the best temps to be riding park in.

The course this year is epic. The jumps are a little smaller than last year but they all ride super smooth with little to no impact on the landing. The rails are interesting as well. One feature which I find weird is the 5th feature. Its a up box but super wide. Its about 2m wide and 3m long and you gap about 3m off it into a landing and directly into the next feature. The course is as follows:

FEATURE 1: down flat down box, down rail or flat down rail

FEATURE 2: A wallride on the skiers left, a gap to down rail or a flat down rail. Woodsy Gaping the flat down.

FEATURE 3 & 4: Are both jumps. The first is about 45ft and the 2nd maybe 50ft

FEATURE 5: This is the weird up box/wallride feature I was talking about. Wallisch with an iron cross haha

FEATURE 6: Is an up down box or a rainbow rail

FEATURE 7 & 8 are the final two jumps. The first being about 50ft and the last about 65ft

I took it pretty easy on the course today. As I mentioned in previous posts my knee has been kind of bugging me. Luckily it felt good skiing today but I still thought it would be smart to ease into it!

Pk snapped this one of me doing a cork 360 on the first jump!

I have another full day of training tomorrow so stay tuned for more on that,


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