March 2014

Spinning on a bike

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Since my last Physio session I have literally been sitting inside and doing rehab. The exercises I was given last Thursday were quite challenging at first but as time went on they became easier. Today was my next scheduled physio session and I have walked out of there super stoked. I have been given a… Read more »


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So today I had my 3rd physio session and things are going great. I am almost walking normal and I can bend my knee’s nearly to 90 degrees. Obviously I am still a little tender but the physio said everything is looking great. My next session is on Monday and over the weekend the things… Read more »

Long time no blog

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WARNING: This is going to be a long blog post. Below are short notes on what I have done since the X games that you can read if you don’t need all the details: – Injured myself at X games – Flew to Russia – Competed at the Olympics – Flew back to Australia to… Read more »