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WARNING: This is going to be a long blog post. Below are short notes on what I have done since the X games that you can read if you don’t need all the details:

- Injured myself at X games

- Flew to Russia

- Competed at the Olympics

- Flew back to Australia to deal with injury

- Had Surgery

- Recovering

If you would like to read on, do so at your own risk:

Where do I begin, I guess with the crash at X games, which at the time didn’t seem too major, but turns out it was. On my last run in the slopestyle competition I ended up landing on the knuckle on the first jump and crashing. At the time it hurt slightly but I didn’t think anything of it as I had had it checked by the medical staff and a Doctor while I was in Aspen and everything had been cleared and they couldn’t find anything wrong with my knee.

So basically I went about things like nothing was wrong. I left aspen and hoped on a flight to Europe, en-route to Sochi, for the Olympics. It wasn’t until I arrived in Russia that the severity of my crash at X games hit me. I had a General check up with the team Doctor before skiing and he suspected I had torn my left ACL. I was still under the impression my knee was fine, as it felt fine walking, running, jumping and hopping. We rushed around, the night before my first training session, finding a knee brace for me to ski in as a precaution. We managed to find one but it wasn’t a perfect fit but it had to make do until we were able to get a Don-Joy knee brace sent over from Australia, which luckily arrived two days before my event.

First day in the village.

The mountains in Russia are amazing. Such Crazy views at the top.

My first day of training in Sochi was a real eye-opener as to how much my knee hurt to ski. My knee was fine walking and doing activities such as hopping or jumping, but the impact you get of off a 70ft jump doesn’t agree well with bone bruising, which I had from the crash. At the beginning of the week I was unsure if I was even going to be able to compete at the Olympics. I spent the first 3 days of training figuring out, with the team Dr and Physio, the best way to strap my knee and the best dosage of pain killers so that I was able to get into the start gate and compete. Obviously I didn’t want to pull out of the event as I had done everything I could to be at the event and it was literally a dream come true to be there, so I decided to just deal with the pain and push through.

On the day of the competition, I was still sore and I hadn’t had the best training on the course due to me worrying more about my pain levels than pushing my skiing and trying new tricks. I told my self I wouldn’t drop out of the event and and no matter what happens, if I landed a run, I was going to be stoked. My first run in qualifiers I did exactly that. I put down a run. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing the feeling was riding away from that last jump and into the finish area. My score game up and it turns out my first run score was enough to secure me a spot into the finals.No matter what happened from then, I was stoked :)

At the top I figured I had nothing to loose. I had made it this far and decided I was going to try and do a triple in finals, even though I had had no practice doing them on these jumps because of my knee. My first run in finals I messed up on the jump before the final jump and decided not to throw the triple. Let’s face it, even if you land everything else perfect in you run, but you stuff up slightly on one trick, the judges will dock you and you won’t get the score your looking for. That’s why I decided to play it safe and not throw it on my first run. On my 2nd run I made it the whole way through the course and coming into the last jump I knew I just had to chuck it, and that’s what I did. I threw it and I under rotated the trick landing, somehow, on my face and feet all at once (or at least that’s what it felt like haha).

Gaping to the first down rail

Switch dub 9 Japan

Cork 3 hand drag

Obviously I am devastated I wasn’t able to put down a run with the tricks I wanted, but at the same time, I didn’t think I was going to be able to compete at all at the beginning of the week with how much pain I was in with my knee. I am more than stoked I was able to ski in the event and glad I could be a part of history in the first ever winter Olympic slopestyle event. I’m glad I could show the world what I love doing and how much fun it can be (if your not injured haha)

As soon as the Olympics was finished I began the annoying task of sorting out travel arrangements to get back to Australia to see knee specialists and decided what to do. I managed to get back to AUS within four days of the Slopestyle finishing. When I got back I went to see a knee specialist and even he couldn’t tell if I had torn my left ACL. He sent me for me for more MRI’S just to double check. Sure enough I had torn it and I would need surgery. As some of you already know, I competed the past year without an ACL in my right leg and now I have also torn the ACL in my left leg. This meant I was up for double knee surgery.

The surgery I opted for was an Achilles Tendon graft. Basically it is an Achilles tendon from a donor. The reason I chose this is because of the turn around time. It is a 3 month recovery and this means I will be back on snow in Australia this season and 100% ready to ski for the Northern Hemisphere season. I had both knees done on the 14th of march and I am currently 10 days out of surgery and I had had my stitches removed today.

I was pretty out of it at this point. This was me waking up from anesthetic.

I had to stay the night in hospital, and the next morning they had me up and walking.

My knees were pretty damn fat.

The first few days were hell as I couldn’t walk and i had to have Laura help me doing absolutely everything. As the time has past though the pain has lowered and each day I have become more and more mobile. Hopefully I can get into the gym soon and start doing some work outs, as I can only sit inside and play PS3 for so long.

I figure from here on out I will update my blog on my recovery and what I am up to over the next few months, as not many people show the way they deal with injuries or the way they recover from serious injuries such as this.

I hope the rant wasn’t too boring,

Over and out from Jindabyne


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